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With 66+ residential and commercial developments across Australia, Morris Property Group is proud to celebrate 40 years of business.

We believe in creating homes that are more liveable, more functional and as much for today as tomorrow, ensuring every apartment delivered benefits from the four key pillars of the Morris Property Group’s Delivery Promise: Certainty, Quality, Transparency and Simplexity.

We hope you enjoy living in them as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them.


Morris Property Group’s advanced risk assessment enables delivery of high-standard products focused on quality, amenity and value. Every apartment delivered benefits from the four key pillars of the Morris Property Group’s Delivery Promise: Certainty, Quality, Transparency and Simplexity.

Certainty >

Developer Image 01 Certainty

At Morris Property Group, we provide certainty of delivery across all of our projects. We agree that there is nothing more frustrating than the uncertainty of construction delays.

We are constantly monitoring and researching construction methodologies to find more innovative ways to build. Once we are underway, we focus on building methods that realise synergies on site and maximize the efficiency of our construction program, but we will not compromise on quality.

Our aim is to provide superior buildings that complete on time, every time, which in turn makes our apartments more affordable.

Quality >

The team at Morris Property Group is dedicated to providing versatile and liveable apartments of exceptional quality. We understand the realities of new urbanism and an apartment lifestyle because our team and their families have lived in, and continue to live in, apartments designed and built by Morris Property Group around Australia.

We have developed flexible floor plans to suit varying needs, featuring open-plan living, ample storage and multi-purpose rooms for a range of ancillary home uses. Our apartments are designed and located with care to create modern, comfortable and environmentally sustainable residences. Through our in-house builder we ensure that systems are in place to deliver the highest quality build.

Attention to detail is paramount as we personally select the finishes and appliances in each apartment, as if we were building our own home.

Developer Image 02 Quality

Transparency >

Developer Image 03 Simplexity

Our policy is to provide prospective purchasers with as much information as we can before buying off the plan. For peace of mind, we provide specific descriptions of each finish, fixture and appliance that is available, and we indicate clearly where the information is not yet available or yet to be designed by the Architect.

We will keep you informed of the building’s progress via your solicitor and agent, and Morris Property Group is also active on Facebook if you would prefer to get direct updates.

Simplexity >

At Morris Property Group, we pride ourselves on making even complex tasks simple. Property is the largest single purchase that many Australians will make. But a large purchase does not have to be difficult.

Our sales team can assist you with referrals to a range of other professionals that you may require including finance brokers, lawyers, property managers, interior design and furniture specialists, even cleaners. If you have any questions, just ask.

We also simplify the development process by enlisting our in-house building and property teams to assist in all stages of the development process, including site procurement, concept design, detailed design and construction delivery. By having our delivery team involved from an early stage, we effectively minimise the need for changes between when you buy an apartment off the plan and when we build it. You can have confidence in the product we are delivering.

All plans are scalable so you can see yourself in the space, all contract documentation is in plain English.

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